Why Dating or Marriage between Borderline and Narcissistic Personality never works.

Why Borderline And Narcissistic Personality Relationship Never Works

The attraction between Borderline Personality and Narcissistic personality is always there,  And mostly they are a recipe for bomb and nobody can stop it to explode.

Borderline Personality disorder And Narcissist Personality Disorder

They both immediately fall in love just to find out they are trapped in a very unhealthy relationship.

Borderline and Narcissistic personality relationship is like a loop.
Rapidly falling in love then start to blame each other and abuse and then break up and after some time again they repeat whole steps.

They both can’t see they’re mistakes, it’s always others faults, BPD and NPD don’t take responsibility for their actions. It’s necessary for a healthy relationship to take responsibility for own mistakes.
So in BPD and NPD relationship there going to a lot of blame for every little thing and nobody going to take accountability.

Borderline And Narcissistic Personality Relationship Starts And End

Borderline and Narcissistic

Most in cases BPD is a woman and NPD always is a man.
Early few months seems paradise for both of them. Of course, this all going to fade out in some months Borderline (She) start to sense NPD (Him) taking her granted. 
She always available for him and he mostly not going even notice her. She begins to sense his declining interest in her.

They carry on because both using each other, until to the point where she had enough of that her husband treated like a doormat or always controlled and overpowered by him.
Eventually, they break up or divorce after a lot of abuse violence and self-sabotage.

Borderline and Narcissistic have addicted to each other.

orderline And Narcissistic Personality Relationship

Narcissistic keep distance from borderline but not too far so she can b available whenever he wants.
Narcissistic wants his supply from her so they patch up again and after when he gets all his supply from her, he starts to ignore her.  They patch up and break up again and again for years. They traped in cycles and very thrill, exhausting, thrill cycle which they can’t leave any time soon. In there way both going to hurt many peoples break their hearts.

After times spend borderline trained to sense his thoughts emotions and his ego, and he has no clue about it, but he knows how to overpower her abuse her so they start playing each other, nothing is real everything is fake and yet the lust, anger, emotions, feelings, ego, tears, revenge, excitement, wins, lose that drama beyond a normal person can handle.

In the year of the relationship, they know very well each other secrets, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.
This all comes outs again and again like a volcano

Both of them have very little empathy and for a good relationship, you must have empathy or at least for each other. both lives their own world. They might drive crazy in this toxic and unhealthy relationship, and never going to satisfied in this relationship.

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